We prefer career safety over job security. We think the career thinking is of great importance. That is why we are working on a policy that works longer and more for citizens, especially those who are further away from the labor market. We do this in cooperation with other relevant organizations and companies. As a result, the transition labor market will work better and this will provide more opportunities for citizens and employers to grow.

In order to direct our vision, we shift three strategic ambitions to:
* As a director, we partner with partners to innovate in future.
* As an excellent service provider, we combine combined channels from our customer focus.
* As a sustainable organization, we are a “strong brand for work”.

It is our mission to ensure, organize and promote employment mediation, guidance and training in the interests of employers, employees and job seekers in order to ensure lifelong and sustainable employment opportunities for jobseekers and employees.

In addition, we also check whether jobseekers who are compulsorily enrolled at VDAB are available to the labor market. The purpose of this is to achieve sustainable entry into the labor market. This audit task is separated from our mediation, guidance and training tasks. It is carried out by an independent and neutral control service.

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