Latest Corporate Recruitment Processes That Are Breaking The Mould

Latest Corporate Recruitment Processes That Are Breaking The Mould

With the ongoing development of social media and accessibility to an assortment of tools designed to promote an employment brand, research has shown that recruitment processes used by companies have moved on from the usual routine of managing candidate relationships to one of building a talent network. This network is not only a place to post jobs but also a facility to attract an audience such as candidates, employees, fans, and alumni, not forgetting customers. Many companies now have these talent networks (AT&T, Microsoft, IBM) which are viral product and service communities, where an irresistible attraction is created among customers, potential employees and partners. Assistance in building them is available from vendors such as Avature, Jobs2Web, BraveNewTalent, Smashfly and Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service. 

Making use of the web to source candidates is essential to attain success. The largest professional network, LinkedIn, sells the LinkedIn Recruiter tool to HR organizations. Although many recruiters depend on LinkedIn, it is no longer seen as being unique or having the edge in a competitive environment, because more and more people are making use of it. To facilitate the search and find techniques of organizations, a whole barrage of exciting tools has been created. These include Entelo, Gild, TalentBin, and RemarkableHire. They are keeping an eye on your social media footprint to assess your technical ability. Based on this social data, these companies mine your personal code, postings and other social information to create a profile and real competency ratings.

Because more and more companies are operating on an international basis, their search for specialized skills is becoming more critical. This is where the role of the recruiter becomes indispensable. However, should they be spending the bulk of their time interviewing individuals or sourcing great candidates? Hiring managers in top-performing companies are now being handed more responsibility, freeing up recruiters so that they can focus on high-powered sourcing and initial screening. Specialist recruiters at Oracle are provided with administrative support for social networking, scheduling, and ad management. They operate at a senior level and are rated on their talent for strategically sourcing and attracting passive candidates, quite frequently from competitors. When it comes to the recruitment process, hiring managers play a major part and work with recruiters on sourcing and assessment.

Human assessment techniques are always developing. Tools such as Myers-Briggs and numerous other personality or skills evaluations have existed for many years. Nowadays, there seems to be an eruption of new assessment tools, driven mainly by the power of the cloud. Leading tool providers include Evolv, Logi-serve, PeopleAnswers and SkillSurvey, as well as larger providers such as SHL, DDI, Hogan, Kenexa and much more. The market is growing with new companies not only providing validated tests, as they also gather employee performance data that enables them to deliver real-time feedback on the actual tests. 

It is important to build a new talent brand that is highly specific and authentic to attract people who are exactly right. Dynamic recruiters of today work directly with the SVP of Marketing to create an authentic employment brand based on research and then promoting it on the front page of the company website. Most of the people visiting a company site are looking for work, so they need to be captured as quickly as possible. Being honest and real helps to attract talent of a higher caliber and also saves money on screening. Many experts can help build and promote an irresistible talent brand – companies like TMP, Futurestep, Pinstripe and Kenexa.

Applicant tracking systems are not very popular because of the time-consuming process of having to fill in several fields when applying for a job. However, they are a necessary evil with many companies spending millions of dollars trying to make them easier to use. More modernized applicant tracking tools are slowly emerging which focus on managing the whole recruitment process, monitoring ad campaigns and creating a first-class experience for candidates. Included amongst many others that are available, are new versions of Taleo (Oracle), SuccessFactors, Lumesse, Jobvite, SilkRoad, Kenexa (IBM), Peoplefluent and Bullhorn. 

The days of employers creating very complex websites to attract candidates are slowly diminishing. Websites that are not user-friendly can damage a company’s brand, new research by the Talent Board has shown. Companies that make job applications difficult do not give feedback to candidates or administer poor treatment during the interview process, causes additional harm. To measure and continuously improve the recruiting process, it is even more important now than before, for a company’s recruiting team to do their net-promoter score using tools such as “manage the candidate experience.” The word soon spreads if a candidate has had a negative experience when trying to apply for a job at a particular company.

The $140 billion recruitment industry is filled with experts who want to provide recruitment solutions that cater for every scenario.  The actual hiring process is not easy and varies widely by role, geography, and industry. To help find the right people for crucial roles, a new class of high-value recruitment outsourcers has emerged. It was assumed that with the growth of online job boards, staffing firms and outside recruiters would disappear, but this is not so. With the eruption of new tools that have become available, it has become even more significant than before to find experienced professionals and specialists that can assist in locating the right matches for roles.

In HR, the top application for Big Data is recruiting. According to research, the most progressive thinkers in HR analytics begin by measuring recruiting. Which are the most effective and efficient sourcing or advertising channels?  Where do the most competent candidates come from? What backgrounds and experiences make the best sales people? To help with the assessment, analysis and improvement of recruiting functions, companies like Broadbean, BurningGlass, and LinkedIn plus many others are now offering data, tools and analytics services.  When it comes to performance, organizations that measure recruiting well are leaving their contemporaries behind. The recruitment market is evolving and undergoing a massive change. It is, therefore, necessary to bear in mind when working on HR, talent and leadership programs, that it becomes imperative that the right people are hired from the start.