WorkForce West Virginia

WorkForce West Virginia is the state’s one-stop resource center for workforce development. Our state and local offices are designed to serve not only those looking for work, but also help our business and industry partners find and hire skilled employees ready for the job.

* Database of job seekers. WorkForce West Virginia provides employers with access to the state’s largest online database of potential job candidates.Through this portal, employers can also post active job listings and receive applications.
* Employee training. West Virginia companies have access to a number of program options to ensure employees have proper education and training. The team at WorkForce West Virginia can help your company determine the best program, locate viable candidates and even arrange on-the-job training for employees
* Labor market data. Our dedicated research time can provide your business with current, comprehensive and segmented labor market information.
* Business services. WorkForce West Virginia can help connect you with business services in your local community to meet address a variety of immediate and long-term company needs.
* Unemployment assistance. WorkForce West Virginia also provides companies with assistance unemployment processing assistance.

Looking for a job? Workforce West Virginia stands ready to help kick-start your future career and offers a number of resource assistance opportunities throughout every step of the job-searching process. Your bright future is just five steps away.

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