Virgin Islands Electronic Workforce System

Virgin Islands Electronic Workforce System is a dynamic and interactive information system that contains a wide range of information about labor market and economic conditions. Information is customized for individuals, employers and labor market researchers. Whether you are planning your career or your next business expansion, this system has information you can use.

Job Seekers can access information that includes:

* Choose a Career – Find occupations that match your skills and preferences, and access extensive information about occupations of interest.
* Find a Job – Link to job listings, employer leads, and job market trends for occupations you are interested in. This includes wages, job outlook and qualifications needed.
* Labor Market Information – Learn about labor market conditions and trends for occupations, industries and local areas.
* Education and Training – Find a suitable training or educational program, as well as information on training providers, schools and financial aid.

Customers who register with our new service will be able to create and save lists of skills; save occupations, training programs and employers of interest; and make personal notes.

Employers have access to information that includes:

* Recruitment – Link to information on advertising job openings, job description tools, and job market conditions and trends.
* Labor Market Information – Find competitive starting salaries and other information on labor market conditions and trends for occupations, industries and local areas.
* Education and Training – Find resources for employee training including education and training programs, schools and other training providers.

Labor market analysts can use the system to research labor market trends, find economic and demographic data, and compare information over time and between regions.

* Education – Link to information on training providers and schools.
* Employer Search – Get a list of employers, display contact information and generate maps.
* Demographics – Find patterns of commuting into or out of an area, population estimates and projections.
* Income and Wages – View personal and household income, average wages by industry sector, and wage rate estimates by selected occupations.
* Industry – Get average wages by industry, current nonagricultural employment, occupational employment by industry, and short-term and long-term projected employment by industry.
* Labor Force – Search patterns of commuting, education/training completers, Employment Service (ES) job openings and applicants, estimated size of labor force, unemployed and unemployment rates and number of Unemployment Insurance claimants.
* Occupations – View job openings, licensed occupations, short and long-term occupational projections, and wages.
* Economic Indicators – Find consumer price index, building permits, property values, retail sales and tax information.
* Area Profile – Get summary information about a geographic area.

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