NEworks is Nebraska’s online employment and labor market information system. It contains easily accessible job search, recruiting and unemployment insurance tools. Whether you are exploring careers, filing for unemployment insurance benefits, relocating a business or researching economic conditions in Nebraska, NEworks is a valuable resource.

Employers can:

* Post jobs and search candidates
* Research labor market information
* Schedule a Virtual Recruiter® search agent to automatically find candidates
* Communicate with job seekers via email and message center

Jobseekers can:

* Search and apply for jobs
* Create, post and update résumés
* Learn about career fairs
* Discover education and training opportunities
* Schedule a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically review job postings and send notifications
* File and manage unemployment insurance claims

Also available on NEworks:

* Income and wage statistics
* Economic and labor force summaries and comparisons for areas, regions and counties
* Industry data
* Local Area Unemployment Statistics
* Occupation information
* Publications such as Nebraska Workforce Trends and Labor Market Regional Reviews

The information on this site is maintained by the Nebraska Department of Labor.

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