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OnRamp, a service of the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development.

New Jersey’s most powerful job search tool, where talent meets opportunity!

With almost ten thousand (10,000) New Jersey employers registered to list jobs and search our resumes for new employees and roughly 100,000 job listings in New Jersey alone, OnRamp represents an exciting and powerful new tool to ‘fast forward’ your job search!!!

Your Job Search Starts With Your Resume

No matter what kind of job you’re seeking, most employers want to see your resume before they’ll even talk to you. Working on your resume may seem like a chore, but it’s actually a great way to start planning and collecting the information you’ll need for a successful job search.

That’s why OnRamp starts by helping you build a complete, detailed resume that includes the skills and experience employers are looking for. If you’ve already written your resume, you can simply upload or paste it into OnRampTM. Think of your resume as a work in progress – you can go back and change it anytime and we’ll even help you improve it!

For Employers

OnRamp uses advanced technology to find a wide pool of job candidates who have skill sets related to those you specify. This is particularly important when jobseekers don’t use the same terms that employers may use in their searches, or when jobseekers don’t identify their transferable skills. To that end, OnRamp scours thousands of job postings and resumes in all fields of work and identifies keywords and phrases that have linked candidates and job opportunities in the recent past. Adding suggested words and phrases to your search helps you get better results, faster.

Once you post a job description, OnRamp will show you your potential matches. The star rating next to each candidate’s name indicates how well the candidate matches the skill set in your job description. In most cases, the five-star matches will be exactly what you were looking for. Occasionally, the results may not quite match what you had in mind; you might find that a three-star candidate is a much better match.

OnRamp has a unique feature that gives you the option to search for “more candidates like this.” When you mark this option, OnRamp will identify other potential candidates whose skill sets are similar to those of the checked candidate. Using this feature helps you spend less time, effort, and money looking through stacks of resumes for the perfect candidate.

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