Mississippi Department of Employment Security

The goal of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security is to help Mississippians get jobs. Through our network of WIN Job Centers, MDES matches qualified, prospective employees with employers.

Also at the Job Centers, Mississippians can obtain job training to sharpen their work skills and make themselves more competitive in the job market.

In addition, MDES administers the unemployment benefits program that provides payments to Mississippians who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. This temporary compensation enables unemployed individuals to concentrate on securing new jobs.

Through these programs, MDES works to expand employment, improve workforce skills, and enhance productivity in our state.

Employer Services

* Post Jobs
* View Job Applicants
* On-the-Job Training Information
* Benefit and Tax Appeals Information
* Layoff Preparation Information
* Work Opportunity Tax Credit Information

Job Candidate Services

* Find Available Jobs
* Apply for Jobs
* Job Search & Interview Tips
* Veteran Services
* Training & Education Information
* Equal Opportunity Information

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