Candidate Attraction Techniques That Produce Results

Candidate Attraction Techniques That Produce Results

Although most business leaders realize that sales and marketing strategies are essential in order to produce revenue, creating specific techniques to attract candidates to a business are seldom considered. Routinely using the same adverts with just a list of job requirements, without giving candidates an incentive to work for your company, means that your recruitment efforts will not yield quality results. As much as a candidate is willing to emphasize their skills and qualifications, it is equally important to promote your company or vacancy to potential employees.

With the internet providing a constant supply of information, job seekers now have more choices and access to the best jobs. This leads to many employees moving between different jobs as they seek the next step on their career ladder. It also   means that unsurprisingly, the average length of time spent with one employer is usually less than two years. If you are losing your best staff to other businesses, it might be time to investigate ways of improving employee/job satisfaction and to also make sure that the methods you are using to market your company and vacancies are better than your competitors. By heeding the following advice, you can enhance your own tactics of attracting and engaging with the top available talent in the market.

To identify your target market, ascertain what sort of person would make the perfect candidate for your business. What is it about your company that will appeal to them? Communicate with your present employees and find out what they like about working in your company and emphasize this in any correspondence.

Create an advertisement that immediately grabs the attention of prospective employees. In much the same way as a message is customized for customers, you need to identify the unique selling points of your business so that they are successfully relayed to interested candidates.

In the same way that customer testimonials are used to help confirm your products or services really benefit the consumer, employee testimonials also provide proof to prospective staff members, that by working for your company they could experience a more enriched working life.

If your competitors are attracting most of the top talent, it is time to find out why you are losing out. Even though their opportunities are probably the same as yours, their success is likely due to the type of message they have generated. They have simply included content that has greater impact, in order to get top candidates through the door. 

Wherever your target market spends their time online, you need to make sure that your vacancies are visible on relevant sites and platforms in order to get your company name in front of the right people. Potential candidates can be engaged via corporate social networks. If you are already using social media as your vehicle to market and sell your products and services, you should have been able to accumulate a captive audience supporting your brand. To expand your audience even further, you need to ensure your vacant roles are visible so that they can be ‘shared’, ‘liked’ and ‘re-tweeted’.

In the world of sales, a great way of getting repeat business is to ask for referrals. Word-of-mouth advertising is a personal endorsement of having delivered an excellent service. The same situation can apply to recruitment.  If a candidate has had a satisfying experience with your company, they are more inclined to refer and recommend someone to join your staff complement. It has been established that referrals by employees are more likely to yield workers that are more loyal and of a better quality.

To keep ahead of your competitors, it is always better to think proactively when sourcing high-caliber candidates. With all the information that is easily available online, your HR and recruitment teams should be able to recognize potential talent for your business much sooner. With your specific message already in place, engagement with these individuals should be relatively simple. Basically, your recruitment strategies should echo those of your sales and marketing. The results may not be immediately discernible as a growth in revenue, but sooner or later, with accomplished personnel in your employ, your business will continue to develop and move forward into the future.