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New Challenges And Trends Are Reshaping HR Management

With the New Year already well underway, HR departments are facing new challenges and trends in the way talent is managed. Based on the insight of global leaders in HR, research by NTMN, client experiences and dialogues at the Talent Management Institute, the following trends are considered to be the most important in 2017. Over […]

Job Seeker Experiences Can Affect the Business Levels of Employers

It is a well-known fact that poor customer service has a negative impact on any business, severely affecting customer loyalty and the potential of attracting new business. Many of us have added comments on the review page of a business website or used a social media platform to express dissatisfaction or to highlight the need […]

The Advantages of Outsourcing Tasks to a Service Provider

In the world of recruitment, although many hiring managers would like to retain the tasks of job posting and resume screening in-house, the processes are time-consuming, and many do not have the resources to carefully screen each resume among the hundreds that are received. By outsourcing these responsibilities to an external service provider that specializes […]

Latest Corporate Recruitment Processes That Are Breaking The Mould

With the ongoing development of social media and accessibility to an assortment of tools designed to promote an employment brand, research has shown that recruitment processes used by companies have moved on from the usual routine of managing candidate relationships to one of building a talent network. This network is not only a place to […]

Key Metrics To Follow To Keep Recruitment On Track

Conducting recruitment processes in a haphazard way, without measuring the effectiveness of your output and relying on guesswork to get the desired results, can be compared with trying to find your way while blindfolded. However, analytics will show the way and reveal what is actually working, so that you are able to prioritize strategies that […]

Candidate Attraction Techniques That Produce Results

Although most business leaders realize that sales and marketing strategies are essential in order to produce revenue, creating specific techniques to attract candidates to a business are seldom considered. Routinely using the same adverts with just a list of job requirements, without giving candidates an incentive to work for your company, means that your recruitment […]

Aim Of Indeed.Com Owner Is To Prevail Over Its Competitors.

For the 12 months ending March 31 2015, global jobs aggregator, Indeed, nearly doubled its net sales revenue, increasing from $201.3 million U.S. to $386.8 million. As far as revenue is concerned, the company is on a par with Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Dice. All recorded considerably larger revenue streams, but much lower rates of […]