Advancing Women is the first website to help women break through the “glass ceiling”, providing career strategy , tools, resources, products and services to support women’s career, business and leadership goals, and work-life balance issues; featuring our targeted job board at for employers seeking highly qualified candidates and diversity candidates seeking meaningful careers.

AdvancingWomen has been a top Women’s Career site offering diversity recruiting since 1996. Using state-of-the-art career site technology, strategic content, and deep ties within the diversity community, targets professional women, Hispanics / Latinos and other diverse, minority populations. We recognize and are leading major corporations to recognize:

Hire Different As Important As Hire Smart. According to James Surowiecki’s “The Wisdom of Crowds”, studies show that diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking can bolster innovation and improve decision making. Also, in this era of globalization, clients like to work with employees who look like them; in other words women Hispanics/Latinos, multi-nationals and other diverse populations.

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